About Serguei Borodouline


My name is Serguei Borodouline and I was born in Russia. All my schooling was done in Russia and I graduated with Engineering-Physicist degree as well as Siberian Art School. I immigrated to Canada in 1998 and have resided in Ottawa, ON since. All my life I had a passion for painting but was unable to follow my dreams due to my heavy work schedule. Living in Canada gave me options to pursue my professional career and follow my dreams and passions on the side. I created this website to share my art with the World and my Community. Should you have any questions about my art or would like to purchase any of my paintings please contact me by email: semibor@yahoo.ca

Welcome to my World…

Сергей Бородулин художник Оттава Канада, картины – масло, акрил